Base Rate is Cheer ONLY. Practices are twice a week depending on teams for 1.5 hours-2.5 hours

Package Rate includes practices twice a week includeing a tumbling class of choice per week.

Base Rate $50.00

Package Rate $75.00

Our 1/2 Season is very cost effecient. Uniforms, shoes and bow will average $150.00 Max.  The program can only be a 6 month program.  Teams meet 1-time per week for 1.5 hours.  Competing only at 3 competitons per year.  This is a great way to begin your child into this sport. Minimum travel, low competition fees.


Season begins Feb 2020

Base Rate does NOT include any training class or technique. It allows you to be apart of our Team.

Package Rate includes 1 hour of training and 1 hour of technique on Tuesday's with all Studio Dancers.

Base Rate $40.00

Package Rate $70.00

Our 1/2 Season Hip Hop Team is loads of FUN!  Uniform, shoes and accesories will run $125.00.  The team practices 1-time per week for 1.5- 2 hours.  Competing only at 2-3 competitons as well as our annual showcase.  Great way to begin dancing with little to no pressure.  Low competition fees, minimum travel.


Season begin Feb 2020

USAG is priced per hours of training. starting rate includes 1.5 hours of training.  This price is for 1 day of training.


Package Rate combines 4 hours of USAG equipment training.  Competitive gymnast MUST have a minimum of 4 hour training time.

Base Rate $50.00

Package Rate $115.00


Our Pre-Team is cost effecient!  The program allows kids to try out the world of gymnastics, learning the bar, floor and beam routines as well as vault.  Kids can train to be a gymnast with no commitment to competing. 


Season is always open

(606) 416-5649